Multichannel eBay, Amazon & Ecommerce design

WobTech are ecommerce experts with 15 years design experience, we know how to build brands that
convert sales.

Using this knowledge we are able to build fantastic multichannel designs for a number of platforms:

– Amazon brand stores
– eBay
– Shopify
– Bigcommerce

When we work on the same brand for multiple platforms we only go through the creative refinement
process once, once we have built the brand guidelines it is much easier to build for a second platform.
With this in mind we are able to offer fantastic discounts for multiple projects, we pass the time savings
on to you.

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How does Multichannel Design help?

Rapid design process
  • Transparent project management system
  • Regular email updates
  • Access to design project manager
  • Simple project requirements form
Grow your brand
  • Great branding increases trust
  • Build a memorable emprie across channels
  • Leverage trust on high profit channels
Shared Branding
  • It only takes a fraction longer to build 2 platforms
  • Save hundreds when purchasing 2 designs together
  • Get up and running faster
Unlimited growth
  • Sell through your website, blog, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and brick & morter store
  • Win sellers on competative markets
  • Own your customers on your channels
  • Remarket to increase profits

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